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Reviewing your progress

Annual reviews

Deadline for 2016-17 annual review: 5pm, Friday 13 October 2017

Deadline for 2017-18 bi-annual review: 5pm, Thursday 31 May 2018

Each year, you will have two review meetings with your supervisory team where you will discuss and feedback on your progress over the previous six months.

As part of the Annual Review process (in autumn each year), you will discuss your engagement with the Doctoral Development Programme and complete a new Training Needs Analysis form.

The Annual Review also gives you the opportunity to feedback on your experience as a research student and your supervisory arrangements.

If you experience any specific difficulties at any point during your studies, you are also encouraged to discuss these with the Director of Graduate Studies, or Head of Department.

Confirmation review

Confirmation review takes place at the end of your first year (full-time students) or second year (part-time students), confirming your status as a PhD student.