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Preparing and formatting your thesis

Students are advised to familiarise themselves with these guidelines and with the Department's style guide and Research and Innovation Services Code of Practice before commencing work on the preparation of their thesis. You will save yourself a lot of tiresome work at the end of your three years if you write in accordance with the University's guidelines from the outset.

Students are also advised to consult their supervisory team regarding any subject-specific aspects of the thesis, for example the inclusion of photographs or diagrams or the presentation of supplementary information such as film or music clips. Permission to submit non-standard material should be gained by the student's supervisor from Faculty prior to the thesis being submitted to Research and Innovation Services. It is also essential that you understand and investigate any copyright issues, obtaining permission where necessary.

It is your responsibility to consult the regulations for research theses and ensure that your work complies with them. You will need to do this, and discuss them with your supervisor, well in advance of your proposed submission date. Your supervisors are your main source of advice and information. You will need to discuss the structure of the thesis, the schedule for its production, and your supervisors’ role in checking drafts, at an early stage in your research programme. Your supervisory team will also advise on such matters as undertaking a literature review, referencing and formatting the thesis, and generally on what should or should not be included in the thesis. Your supervisors will take the key role in reading and commenting on the drafts of your chapters, though you may wish to take advice from others, too.