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Absence due to illness

During your studies you may experience difficulties which could affect your academic performance such as short periods of illness.

Illness leading to absence should be notified as soon as possible. You must let your principal supervisor know about any period of illness of longer than 7 days that has affected your work. If you do suffer a period of illness you should obtain a medical certificate from the University Health Service; these are only available for periods of longer than seven days and should be returned to the Postgraduate Support Manager.

It is vitally important to keep both the Department and, if you have funding, the grant-awarding body informed of any such interruptions to your work.

Leave of absence

If an absence is likely to be prolonged, e.g. your illness/medical condition may last for several weeks or months, you are strongly advised to apply for an official Leave of Absence from your research to give you time to properly recover. Leave of absence cannot be applied for retrospectively, so it's important to speak to your supervisor as soon as possible if you encounter any difficulties.