Leave of absence 


Sometimes research students encounter unforeseen personal, medical or financial difficulties that make it temporarily impossible for them to continue with research full-time. Other students – especially those studying part-time – may find they have to accept different sorts of short-term fixed-contract work because of financial necessity.

In such situations you should seriously consider, in consultation with your supervisor and the Director of Graduate Studies, taking a period of leave of absence. This is not a decision to be taken lightly: it is difficult to return to full-time research after a period of absence, and many students can have problems readjusting.

If after careful consideration, you decide that leave of absence is the best way forward then you will need to complete a Leave of Absence form (available from the RIS webpages) with your supervisor and submit it to the Postgraduate Support Manager. Applications are submitted to the Faculty by Departments and students are notified of the outcome of their application in due course.

If you are granted leave of absence, you will be notified of your new completion date. In the case of students who are funded by an external body such as the AHRC approval will need to be obtained before taking leave of absence. 

Leave of absence is not a suitable recourse for students close to submission and cannot be considered as an alternative to an extension for those who have run out of research time.

Please note that applications for leave of absence should not be submitted retrospectively, so you if you do experience any difficulties you should speak to your supervisor as soon as possible.

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