Student-Staff Forum

Student-Staff Forum comprises student representatives and members of staff within the History Department and provides a forum for discussion of matters relating to teaching, learning and the student experience.

What issues should be brought to Student-Staff Forum?

Any issue that concerns undergraduate students. Topics can be raised by any student and all are welcome to meetings of the forum. Alternatively, students can communicate their concerns/questions to their representatives who will raise it with the forum and report back. We will also be holding special meetings to discuss issues that representatives consider matters of general concern, for example contact hours, personal tutor system, and module feedback.


Representatives from across the three levels of the undergraduate degrees, single and dual honours.

Departmental Staff

Selected members teaching and support staff, depending on topic for discussion.

Student reps will be invited to sign up at the beginning of each academic year. If you miss this opportunity you are welcome to sign up as a representative at any point throughout the year and to attend meetings and raise questions.

Library Representatives

Pete Barr ( and Steven McIndoe ( are the library liaison for the department. Steven and Pete can be contacted with requests, or to raise any issues regarding library matters.

Current Representatives, 2017/18

Level 1

Anna Royce    BA History
Isaac Feely         BA History
Natalia Rowles     BA History & Politics

Level 2

Charlie Pashley BA History
Conor Smith BA History
Emily Gee BA History
Emma Barrett BA History
Hannah Mansfield BA History & Politics

Level 3

Francesca Wilson BA History
Laura Parkinson BA History
Molly Preger BA History
Molly Stevens BA History
Sophie Pine BA History
Sion Trewyn BA History & Politics


Each meeting will have a student Chair and Deputy Chair (who will take the minutes). The Deputy Chair will serve as the Chair of the next meeting, so each meeting will include a selection of Deputy Chair. The Chair and Deputy Chair will produce the agenda for each meeting, with the support of the Senior Tutor. They will also, with other representatives, publicise meetings and solicit topics for future meetings depending on student concerns.

Frequency of Meetings

The Forum meets on a regular basis approximately 2-3 times a semester. The meetings are scheduled around student and staff timetables.