HST296: Becoming America, 1690-1763

20 credits (semester 1 - 2017-18) (semester 2 - 2018-19)

Module Leader: Dr Rosie Knight



Pass in at least two of the Level One modules History Units HST112-121.


Module Summary

This module investigates the proposition that modern America took shape in the period 1690-1763, prior to and, as we will consider, in many ways productive of the transformation often associated with the era of the American Revolution. The module will consider primary sources and associated secondary debates relating to five key themes: ethnic diversity and religious pluralism, geographic dispersal, the growth of domestic and international market economies, the emergence of popular, partisan politics, and the reconfiguration of notions of power, authority, and control. The module considers longstanding and emerging historiographical debates, including but not limited to the prevalence and manifestations of monarchical versus liberal political culture, anglicisation and colonial consumption, and geography/regionalism and periodization in colonial American history.


Teaching and Assessment

The module will be taught through eleven lectures eleven seminars.

Information on assessment can be found at: https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/history/current_students/undergraduate/assessment/level2


Selected Reading

To follow.


Intended Learning Outcomes
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