HST 3005/3006: Liberation Struggels in Africa 1960 to the present

Level 3: semesters 1 and 2

email : Professor Ian Phimister, Module Leader


A pass in at least two history modules from HST200 - HST299.

Module Summary

The overthrow of Portuguese colonialism, white settler minority rule and apartheid by the peoples of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa marked a key period in the history of the twentieth century. This course traces the trajectory of these linked struggles both by examining contemporary written and visual sources and by engaging with current debates. Themes to be discussed include the dynamics of anti-colonial nationalism, the tactic and strategy of armed insurrection, and the ambiguities of independence.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students completing this module will have:

  • Developed their ability to work critically with primary materials, local and international newspapers, pamphlets, autobiographies, and contemporary film and video resources.
  • Developed their ability to situate the dynamics of anti-colonialism in a global context as well as specify its regional circumstances.
  • Developed their ability to debate an exceptionally fiercely contested historiography.
  • Developed their ability to work collectively in designing and presenting seminars their ability to navigate, identify, absorb and react to a substantial amount of material related to the subject in on-line formats.
  • Developed their ability to write informed and cogent essays, and commentaries on documents, under pressure of time a critical evaluation of the work of professional historians on the basis of advanced document work.