Everyone works and studies in his or her own way. There is no one way of studying which can be guaranteed to work for all students. To be successful in your studies you must develop your own study skills - try out different techniques, select the ones which work for you and stick with them.

Effective study requires a comfortable place to work, minimal distraction and accessible books and notes.

Length of study periods is important but again this is an individual matter. Long sessions are not always advisable and would certainly require a few short breaks. Make sure you have a short break between each study session.

You need to set yourself a realistic goal within the time limit of your study session. You may wish to use it to read a chapter in a textbook or to read one or two articles on a given topic. Do not try to do too much in one session.

Sometimes it helps to begin each session by jotting down what you already know about the topic. This will help you to focus on aspects which need to be clarified or on issues of particular importance. It is also useful to summarise the new material you have encountered in your reading. This acts as a form of revision and lets you know if you have understood what you have been reading. You might find mnemonics helpful to recall lists of information by creating links between seemingly unrelated things.

Try to concentrate while you are studying. Concentration involves you in actively processing the material being presented. The length of time for which you can concentrate fully will vary, of course, but you will generally find it easier to concentrate on subjects that interest you and on subjects you already know something about. There will be times when you find it hard to concentrate for even short periods, and times when you can't concentrate at all. If you are finding it hard to concentrate, then try switching to another subject. A short break may also restore your concentration. If you find you just can't concentrate any longer, then take it as a signal to stop studying and relax.