Dr Ulriika Vihervalli

M.A. Hons (Glasgow), M.Sc. (Edinburgh), Ph.D. (Cardiff)

Department of History

Leverhulme Research Assistant


I am a Research Assistant on the Leverhulme Trust-funded project Women, Conflict and Peace: Gendered Networks in Early Medieval Narratives (c. 330-735).

I previously completed a PhD in Ancient History at Cardiff University, where my thesis focused on sexual mores in Western patristic discourses in the fourth to sixth centuries. In 2018 I was the post-doctoral fellow at the Institutum Romanum Finlandiae.

Since October 2018, I have been working in Sheffield on the Gendered Networks project.

Research interests

I do research on the culture and society of the late ancient world, in particular on ancient gender and developing ideas of sexual norms and behaviours.

More recently my focus has been on late ancient gendered violence in times of conflict and its implications for peacetime sexual and gender dynamics.

I am currently gathering data on Latin and Greek histories for social network analysis and is preparing outputs on women and violence in late antiquity. I have an interest in the transformation of the late Roman world, early Christianity, patristics, and digital humanities.