REF 2014

We are third in the UK for our research excellence.

REF 2014 graphics

3rd best department in the country.

2nd best for the quality of our outputs.

REF 2014

We are delighted that the Sheffield History Department is ranked third in the country while our books, articles and chapters have been judged even higher, coming 2nd in the country both in terms of their average score (3.30), and in terms of the overall quality (the proportion of 4*s and 3*).

The REF assesses departments on the basis of outputs (books and papers written by members of the department), impact, and research environment. Each element can be awarded 0 to 4*, where 4* research is “world-leading” and 3* is “internationally excellent”.

Top 10 History Departments for overall ranking

  1. Birmingham
  2. York
  3. Sheffield
  4. Southampton
  5. Kings' College London
  6. Hertfordshire
  7. Warwick
  8. Oxford
  9. Exeter
  10. Cambridge

Top 10 History Departments for outputs:

  1. Sussex
  2. Sheffield
  3. Southampton
  4. Manchester
  5. Birmingham
  6. York
  7. Exeter
  8. Kings' College London
  9. Warwick
  10. Cambridge

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