Eleanor Bland

Title: The Identification of Criminal Suspects by Policing Agents in London, 1780-1850
Period: 1500-1800
Funded by: AHRC Studentship
Start Year: 2015
Awarded: 2019


Primary: Professor Robert Shoemaker | Secondary: Dr Julia Moses


Academic Background

  • M.St., Modern British and European History, University of Oxford, 2015
  • B.A. (Hons), Modern History, University of Oxford, 2014

Research Topic

My research focuses on the developments in policing measures at the end of the 18th and first half of the 19th centuries, and the ways in which these measures affected patterns of prosecution and reoffending in London. My PhD is part of the Digital Panopticon project, which is a collaborative research project examining the global impact of London punishments, 1780-1925.



We Care Not a Fig, Who is Lord Mayor of London, or Tory or Whig: 'Popular Political Culture in the City of London, c.1725–1746', The London Journal, 42:1 (2017).



  • Associate tutor: HST115 The Disenchantment of Early Modern Europe