Mary Young

Title: 'De libris quos legere solebam'. Multi-text Manuscripts and the Accumulation and Transfer of Knowledge at Reichenau and St Gall in the Ninth Century
Period: Pre 1500
Start Year: 2015

Primary: Dr Charles West | Secondary: Professor Martial Staub


Academic background

  • MA Oxon (German and French) 1972
  • PGCE (York) 1974
  • MA Reading (Linguistic Science) 1978
  • MA Sheffield (Medieval History) 2013

Research topic

My main interest is in the strategies employed, consciously or unconsciously, by Carolingian scholars in the ninth century to rediscover, preserve and transmit knowledge. The focus of my research is a group of multitext manuscripts from St Gall and where possible, from Reichenau, which I am analysing in the context of other contemporary or near contemporary manuscripts to identify patterns of transmission and storage. I am also interested in applying digital technology to this research.


Other work

  • Part-time student, living in York