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Describe your main responsibilities and role

I qualified as a solicitor in 1991 and joined Stowe Family Law, the UK’s largest specialist family law firm in 1999 (more info). Specialising in family law, I pay particular attention to cases involving considerable and complex assets which often have a corporate aspect. This sometimes includes spouses who try to hide their wealth overseas and in trusts to prevent a fair divorce settlement. In such cases, I work closely with the firm's in house forensic accountants to uncover the hidden assets. The firm has divorce solicitors in 9 offices across the country.

The firm was founded in 1982 by Marilyn Stowe, a prominent figure in family law who often appears on the likes of BBC News, ITV and Sky, to give her opinion on big family law news and legislation. I have also contributed to BBC radio on family law matters such as prenuptial agreements.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I thoroughly enjoy dealing with people from all walks of life and the role can be so varied, one day I can be working on a case for a Managing Director or a large company with substantial wealth and assets, the next day I can be helping a housewife who does not have many assets or income. Even now, I get shocked by some of the cases that I work on as you think you have seen everything until something new comes along.

I really enjoy helping people who are going through a difficult time and achieving good results for my clients.

Why did you choose Law?

I graduated from Sheffield with a degree in History and Politics which provided me with a good foundation of independent learning. However, I later converted to law as I wanted to help people and work with different people. While I was a student, I undertook a summer placement with a firm of solicitors and really enjoyed it.

Why did you choose University of Sheffield?

I chose to study at the University of Sheffield because of its impressive reputation and good history school. The Students' Union is great and there is always something happening. The city has a good feel about it and sense of community.

Sheffield itself has changed and developed significantly over the years since I studied there and it is a great place to be a student.

Any advice for other students or trainee solicitors?

The main piece of advice that I would give to current students is to get as much quality experience as they possibly can. There are so many students competing for each trainee contract today, so getting experience with a good law firm can really help. It is also important to find out which aspect of law you want to specialise in. There are so many different areas of law so identifying a specific area is paramount.

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