Year two Option module examples


BA History students will normally take three option modules, you will also choose one document option and across these four modules should choose one from each band (A, B and C). Dual honours students will normally take between one and three option modules, depending if you choose to take Writing History, a document option and/or if you choose to major or minor in History (see individual degree programmes for availability).

Please note that the following list includes the full range of option modules that we offer. A selection of these will be available each session and the exact programme varies from year to year. *

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Pre 1500 Band A
HST204: Warriors, Saints and Heroes in Early Medieval Britain 20 credits
HST230: The Family in Late Antiquity: Romans, Barbarians and Christians 20 credits
HST236: The Fall of the Roman Empire in the West 20 credits
HST277: Tolerance and Dissent in Europe (12th-16th Centuries) 20 credits
HST294: Rome and its Empire (14-235 AD) 20 credits
HST2507: The Roman Republic and the making of Roman Italy (500-90 BC) 20 credits
HST2511: Power and Protest in Late Medieval England, 1348-1509 20 credits
HST2516: The Rise of Rome and its Empire (c.500-90 BCE) 20 credits
HST2520: Revolution, Reform and Crusade in 11th-c. Europe 20 credits
HST2521: From the Pharaohs to Alexander the Great: The Battle for the Ancient World 20 credits
AAP237: The Archaeology of the Later Medieval Church in England 20 credits
AAP240: The Celtic West: from the fall of Rome to the Viking Age 20 credits
AAP241: The Ancient Greek Economy 20 credits
AAP243: The Archaeology of Anglo-Saxon England 20 credits

1500-1800 Band B
HST238: Intoxicants in Early Modern England 20 credits
HST239: The Export of England: Seventeenth Century Trade and Empire 20 credits
HST246: Gender, Culture and Society: Britain, 1689-1837 20 credits
HST247: A Protestant Nation? Politics, Religion and Culture in England 1558-1640 20 credits
HST255: Social Crisis and Political Change in England, 1550-1640 20 credits
HST281: Disease, Medicine and Health Care in Early Modern Europe 20 credits
HST296: Becoming America, 1690-1763 20 credits
HST2502: Understanding the Aztecs: Life and Death in Early Sixteenth-Century Mexico 20 credits
HST2517: Culture in Early Modern Europe 20 credits
HST2522: Gender in Britain in the Long Eighteenth-Century 20 credits

Post 1800 Band C
HST216: Modern Spain: Society and Politics 1875-1975 20 credits
HST223: European Fascism 20 credits
HST232: Holy Russia, Soviet Empire: Nation, Religion, and Identity in the 20th Century 20 credits
HST234: France 1814-1889: Nation Building and Social Transformation 20 credits
HST237: Slavery and Abolition in the United States 20 credits
HST242: The Origins of the Second World War: The Failure of Collective Security 1919-1939 20 credits
HST248: Politics, Culture and National Identity in Britain, 1867-1918 20 credits
HST265: The Making of Modern India, 1780-1965 20 credits
HST276: Gender and Sexuality in Modern Britain, 1850 to the Present 20 credits
HST283: Imperial Germany, 1871-1918 20 credits
HST287: From World War to Cold War: Europe 1945-1968 20 credits
HST288: Media and Popular Culture in Twentieth-Century Britain 20 credits
HST295: The History of Terrorism 20 credits
HST297: The History of American Foreign Relations 20 credits
HST298: Global South Asians: Travel, Migration and Diaspora, 1850-1950 20 credits
HST2501: Cooperation, Confrontation and Controversy: Jews and Muslims in France and North Africa 20 credits
HST2503: The Battle for China's Future, 1839-1949 20 credits
HST2504: Two Germanys, 'One People'? Central Europe, 1945-1990 20 credits
HST2509: Empires and revolutions in continental Europe, 1905-1923 20 credits
HST2510: The Northern Ireland 'Troubles' and Peace Process 20 credits
HST2512: Shell-Shock to Prozac: Mental Health in Britain 20 credits
HST2513: Trumpism: An American Biography 20 credits
HST2514: Decolonisation: The End of Empire & the Future of the World 20 credits
HST2518: The Welfare State in Britain, 1900-2015 20 credits
HST2519: Empire, Sexuality and the Family in Modern Europe 20 credits



*Please note that the course details set out here may change before you start, particularly if you are applying significantly in advance of the course start date. The content of our courses is reviewed annually to make sure it's up-to-date and relevant. Individual modules are occasionally updated or withdrawn. This is in response to discoveries through our world-leading research; funding changes; professional accreditation requirements; student or employer feedback; outcomes of reviews; and variations in staff or student numbers. In the event of any change we'll consult and inform students in good time and take reasonable steps to minimise disruption.