Year two Option module examples


Please note that the following list includes the full range of option modules that we offer. A selection of these will be available each session and the exact programme varies from year to year. *

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Pre 1500 Band A
HST204: Warriors, Saints and Heroes in Early Medieval Britain 20 credits
HST230: The Family in Late Antiquity: Romans, Barbarians and Christians 20 credits
HST236: The Fall of the Roman Empire in the West 20 credits
HST277: Tolerance and Dissent in Europe (12th-16th Centuries) 20 credits
HST294: Rome and its Empire (14-235 AD) 20 credits
HST2507: The Roman Republic and the making of Roman Italy (500-90 BC) 20 credits
HST2511: Power and Protest in Late Medieval England 20 credits
AAP237: The Archaeology of the Later Medieval Church in England 20 credits
AAP240: The Celtic West: from the fall of Rome to the Viking Age 20 credits
AAP241: The Ancient Greek Economy 20 credits
AAP243: The Archaeology of Anglo-Saxon England 20 credits

1500-1800 Band B
HST238: Intoxicants in Early Modern England 20 credits
HST239: The Export of England: Seventeenth Century Trade and Empire 20 credits
HST246: Gender, Culture and Society: Britain, 1689-1837 20 credits
HST247: A Protestant Nation? Politics, Religion and Culture in England 1558-1640 20 credits
HST255: Social Crisis and Political Change in England, 1550-1640 20 credits
HST281: Disease, Medicine and Health Care in Early Modern Europe 20 credits
HST2502: Understanding the Aztecs: Life and Death in Early Sixteenth-Century Mexico 20 credits

Post 1800 Band C
HST216: Modern Spain: Society and Politics 1875-1975 20 credits
HST223: European Fascism 20 credits
HST232: Holy Russia, Soviet Empire: Nation, Religion, and Identity in the 20th Century 20 credits
HST234: France 1814-1889: Nation Building and Social Transformation 20 credits
HST237: Slavery and Abolition in the United States 20 credits
HST242: The Origins of the Second World War: The Failure of Collective Security 1919-1939 20 credits
HST248: Politics, Culture and National Identity in Britain, 1867-1918 20 credits
HST265: The Making of Modern India, 1780-1965 20 credits
HST276: Gender and Sexuality in Modern Britain, 1850 to the Present 20 credits
HST283: Imperial Germany, 1871-1918 20 credits
HST287: From World War to Cold War: Europe 1945-1968 20 credits
HST288: Media and Popular Culture in Twentieth-Century Britain 20 credits
HST295: The History of Terrorism 20 credits
HST297: The History of American Foreign Relations 20 credits
HST298: Global South Asians: Travel, Migration and Diaspora, 1850-1950 20 credits
HST2501: Cooperation, Confrontation and Controversy: Jews and Muslims in France and North Africa 20 credits
HST2503: The Battle for China's Future, 1839-1949 20 credits
HST2504: Two Germanys, 'One People'? Central Europe, 1945-1990 20 credits
HST2509: Empires and revolutions in continental Europe, 1905-1923 20 credits
HST2510: The Northern Ireland 'Troubles' and Peace Process 20 credits
HST2512: Shell-Shock to Prozac: Mental Health in Britain 20 credits
HST2513: Trumpism 20 credits
HST2514: Decolonisation 20 credits


* The content of our courses is reviewed annually to make sure it is current and relevant. Individual modules may be updated or withdrawn in response to discoveries through our world-leading research, funding changes, professional accreditation requirements, student or employer feedback, curriculum review, staff availability, and variations in student numbers. In the event of a material change the University will inform students in good time and will take reasonable steps to minimise disruption.