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Caitlin RileyWhy did you choose to study at Sheffield?

I chose to apply for Sheffield because both the History and Sociology departments offered interesting modules and were well ranked in the league tables. I was then invited to come to an offer holders open day which I attended and from the second I arrived in Sheffield I felt so welcome and at home so I knew Sheffield was the University for me!

Has your experience so far been what you expected?

It has been better than I expected! I have thoroughly enjoyed studying within both departments and found my lecturers to be very engaging and helpful.

What have you been studying this year?

This year in History I am studying the Reconstruction Era in America. As it is a special subject I am studying it extensively and I am really enjoying it. My tutor for the module is Andrew Heath and he is a great teacher and very supportive. I like how we study special subjects in smaller groups and I always find my seminars to have a nice atmosphere. I also thought that the first year module: Paths from Antiquity to Modernity was very helpful as it gave me an overview of many different eras in history I have never studied before. On my Sociology side of the degree this year I am studying a module which compares Conversational Analysis, Ethnomethodology and Sociological theory and a module entitled Whiteness, Power and Privilege.

What do you enjoy about doing a dual degree?

I particularly enjoy being a dual student because it means I get to learn so many new skills, for example in History I have learnt in-depth source analysis skills and in Sociology I have developed my research skills. I also enjoy how different the subjects are yet how interlinked they can often be. I think studying History and Sociology has given me a well-rounded view of society both past and present.

How would you sum up your overall experience of studying at Sheffield?

I have loved everything about studying at Sheffield and I will miss being a student here a lot when I finish my degree! I have enjoyed the friendly atmosphere across the University and the city itself is a place that will always feel like home to me.

What skills have you learnt that you'll be able to take away from your degree?

Aside from the academic skills I have learnt in both departments, I think this degree has enabled me to become a more organised and self-motivated person and has given me a lot of skills which will be useful for future jobs.

What do you like about the University and/or living in Sheffield?

What I really like about the University of Sheffield is the Students' Union because it has everything and offers so many ways to socialize and meet new people. Sheffield is a fantastic city to live in as there really is something for everyone. It is very unique and such a friendly place to live. I like how you get to experience living in a city but you're surrounded by parks and green spaces and you're only a bus journey away from the peak district.

Would you recomend studying at Sheffield to a friend?

I always recommend Sheffield to my friends and will continue to do so! Me and all my friends love it and will miss being here when we finish our degrees.



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