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Hallam-Roffey-Profile-PictureWhy did you choose to study at Sheffield?

I chose to study at Sheffield because, after visiting it a number of times before I made my final decision, I realised I felt very at home in Sheffield. The course content looked interesting and flexible, the people in the department were welcoming and friendly, and the city itself was large but not overwhelming. Overall it struck a perfect balance and combination, and my decision ended up being an easy one to make.

Has your experience so far been what you expected?

If anything my experience so far has exceeded what I expected. I've found that I have settled into Sheffield faster than expected, and even though I am only halfway through my course, I have been able to build relationships with lecturers and members of staff, and I have found building an extended network of friends to be extremely easy.

What are you particularly enjoying about your degree? 

In particular, the thing I enjoy most about my degree programme is the freedom given to you to steer your own course and learning in the direction you want. There's a huge range of option modules and then within each module you are able to read up more on the topics or areas that interest you the most, and you can concentrate on these areas when you are writing essays. This means that while of course you cover subjects you won't be so interested in, you don't have to dwell on them for too long, and the degree stays exciting and fulfilling for the entire duration of your course.

What have you been studying this year?

On top of the core subject for level two, Historians and History, this year I have studied The Fall of the Roman Empire and the renewed debate that engulfs this topic, The Myth of Venice and how that city exists in the minds of the people that live there and those that visit it. Next semester I am looking forward to examining Media and Popular Culture in Twentieth-Century Britain, as well as The History of Terrorism. I am particularly excited about these two modules.

What else have you enjoyed outside of your studies?

This year I have become a section editor for the student newspaper, Forge Press, which has allowed me to meet lots of people who have become close friends and also improved my writing abilities. I have taken part in the arts and humanities 'City Connections' project which involved workshops and a trip to London to meet and network with business leaders, which I have managed to get an internship for this summer out of. I continue to be an ambassador for both the Department and for the University which is a fun way to make some extra cash and meet more people.

What do you like about living in Sheffield?

Living in Sheffield is enjoyable because it is an interesting city with a unique and edgy feel, and it is also large with a huge range of shops, bars and clubs but it is not too sprawling or overwhelming. The city centre is attractive with lots of interesting independent stores, as well as all your high-street chains, and Meadowhall is just a 20 minute tram ride from the university tram stop.

Would you recommend studying at Sheffield to a friend?

I would definitely recommend studying at Sheffield to a friend. It's a fantastic university in a brilliant city, I'm even pretty certain that I am going to remain here after my degree.