Our students

Our students enjoy studying history in Sheffield for lots of reasons, from the range of modules and teaching they experience to the support they receive and extra-curricular activities they can take advantage of. Not to mention all of the great things to get involved in at the University and in Sheffield itself. Watch the videos or click on a name below to find out more...

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Dual degrees

"Doing a dual degree is great because I get to study two subjects that I love. History and Sociology compliment each other nicely, they have many linking themes and ideas."

"Being a dualist encourages critical and analytical thinking about literature and historical events. English and history compliment each other well."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed studying within both departments and found my lecturers to be very engaging and helpful."

"The layout of the course is very well done especially in terms of dual honours and the lecturers are always approachable and helpful as are the seminar guides."

"I like the variety I get in my degree. I chose a dual honours degree because I couldn't decide which course to choose, by combining them I have the best of both worlds."

"I love learning and being challenged and Sheffield has exceeded all my expectations. It is such a wonderful environment to learn."

"The course allows me to follow my two main passions, History and Languages, without having to choose between them."

"I think my subjects complement each other perfectly, allowing me to view the past from different angles and perspectives."

"I have loved getting to grips with complex concepts and looking at how trends change over time."

BA History

"The freedom of choice with modules is fantastic, it really offers you the opportunity to broaden your horizons in the subject and the department is very encouraging with this."

"The Department's strong links with the Careers Service have been especially useful; with their help, I was able to get a summer placement which should really help with future job prospects."

"The small group weekly sessions (seminars) are a perfect chance to join with interesting discussions and learn from some of the best academics in the country."

"Studying history at the university is so much more than just a degree. It has a huge focus on gaining experience in the careers you want to follow."

"I was drawn in by the range of modules available, and how the history course offers students a breadth of historical knowledge across all major periods."

"The thing I enjoy most about my degree programme is the freedom given to you to steer your own course and learning in the direction you want."

"The more you get stuck into your study the more interesting it becomes."

"The academic reputation in addition to the culture, night-life and close proximity to the Peak District makes this an ideal university to study at."

"After graduation, I am editing a documentary which I received funding for earlier this year. The documentary is based on the topic of my third year History dissertation."

"I enjoy the fact that in the first year we will be taken through a general course of world history from the fall of Rome to the modern era, and in the second year we will be able to specialize."

"Overall I think the best part of the programme would be the seminars. They are a great environment to share new and interesting ideas."

"Coming to Sheffield has been the best decision I've ever made."

"I found the range of modules excellent, as I was sure that I would always have the opportunity to study what interests me."

"My experience so far has been above and beyond what I could have expected."

"I have enjoyed the broad time ranges we cover. I was convinced that I wanted to study modern history, now after the modules this year I am moving toward medievalism."