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Jack-Hickey-Profile-PictureWhy did you choose to study at Sheffield?

I chose to study at Sheffield after attending a visit day for offer-holders. I was very impressed with the quality of teaching on offer here, and I thought that the course itself was broken-down well with a logical route of progression from year to year. The city itself seemed relatively large but it had a real sense of community which added to its value.

Has your experience so far been what you expected?

I'm halfway through my final year now and I can honestly say my expectations have been far exceeded. As for my studies, I have found the course itself to be intellectually stimulating, the lecturers to be welcoming and building a network of friends to be straightforward and enjoyable. The Department's strong links with the Careers Service have been especially useful; with their help, I was able to get a summer placement which should really help with future job prospects.

What are you particularly enjoying about your degree? 

There is a real sense of progression year by year - or even semester by semester - which I think helps you develop and hone your skills. While the course itself is challenging, you are given the freedom to tailor your studies to specific interests with a wealth of option modules to choose from. I've been particularly impressed with the accessibility of module tutors - this has especially helped with my Dissertation so far!

What have you been studying this year?

In my second year, I enjoyed studying HST288 Media and Popular Culture in Twentieth-Century Britain and even attached my course assignment to that module where I decided to complete a comparative study of British election coverage in newspapers. To give you a sense of what I mean when I say there is a logical route of progression year to year, this year I've chosen to attach my dissertation to my special subject module (HST3095/6 Permissive Britain? Social and Cultural Change, 1956-74) which looks at the impact on affluence on British society between 1956 and 1974. I have already found that a considerable amount of the material I covered in HST288 has been useful for both my special subject and work towards my dissertation.

What do you like about living in Sheffield?

I love living in Sheffield because you get to experience a relatively big city with the feel of a tight, close-knit community. Living in the city itself is cheap compared to some of the other big cities up North and there is a wealth of shops, pubs and clubs on offer so they'll always be something for you to discover. I've found Sheffield to be a safe and friendly city and the abundance of transport links on offer have been particularly useful with the peaks right on your doorstep.

Would you recommend studying at Sheffield to a friend?

Absolutely! It's an awesome university in a unique, student-centred city - studying here may prove to be the best decision I'll ever make!