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Photo of Jacob AtkinsonWhy did you choose to study at Sheffield?

The course content, the feel of the city, having the no.1 Students' Union and it's reputation.

Has your experience so far been what you expected?

Above and beyond what I could have expected.

What are you particularly enjoying about your degree? 

Flexibility - the workload is manageable so you also get to explore other areas of University life and other subject matters.

What have you been studying this year?

History Workshop, Paths from Antiquity to Modernity, The 'Disenchantment' of Early Modern Europe, c. 1570-1770 (so far). I have really enjoyed Paths from Antiquity to Modernity as the themes are very interesting, the last few weeks were the best as I prefer modern History. With History Workshop I got lucky and had Nazi Germany as my topic, which allowed for a wide scope in choosing material for the seminars/assessment.

What else have you enjoyed outside of your studies?

Being part of the History Society really helped me get to know other people on my course. In sporting terms I've set up the University's Dodgeball team which has got me really stuck into lots of different sporting aspects here at Sheffield.