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Photo of Johnathan TsuiWhy did you choose to study at Sheffield?

University of Sheffield is a renowned university in the UK, if not the world, especially for studying History and related courses. As most people who are interested in History would recognize that Sir Ian Kershaw was a professor at University of Sheffield. Also, Yorkshire is a historically rich county in England. Personally, I felt that Ms. Miriam Brown was very convincing during the interview that I could prosper in studying History at this university, as compared to my previous two years spent in University of Warwick studying Biomedical Sciences (not that it was awful, it was just that I am not suited to study any course heavy in mathematical and scientific matters).

Has your experience so far been what you expected?

Yes, although my main interest in History does not lie in modern/pre-modern History but rather Ancient Roman/Greek History, the modules were thoroughly guided by various lecturers, and they were both enlightening and informative to my understanding of History in a broader perspective. A minor note is that most people I have encountered here, whether they be students or professors, are quite friendly and helpful in general.

What are you particularly enjoying about your degree? 

I enjoy the fact that in the first year of our degree we will be taken through a general course of world history from the fall of Rome to the modern era, and in the second year we will be able to specialize in periods of History that we excel or are interested in.

What have you been studying this year?

The 'Disenchantment' of Early Modern Europe, c. 1570-1770, Paths from Antiquity to Modernity and History Workshop. I particularly enjoyed Paths from Antiquity to Modernity because not only was I able to revisit and deepen my understanding of the Roman Empire's decline, I also acquired more knowledge about the French Revolution which I am also interested in but had limited coverage of it prior to coming here.

What else have you enjoyed outside of your studies?

By joining History Society, I was able to socialize more often and meet loads of new people here at Sheffield; by taking part in the Badminton Society, I was able to occasionally practise a sport that I enjoy and work out for a bit.

What do you like about living in Sheffield?

As compared to my previous residential experience in University of Warwick, I enjoyed the campus setting here at Sheffield, more specifically the fact that the various departmental buildings are intertwined with book shops, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. The city just feels more vibrant to me. Also, the student union is a great place to acquire assistance and also meeting up with people alike. The IC and library are both great places to
obtain valuable academic resources, although the IC can be too crowded at times.

Would you recommend studying at Sheffield to a friend?

Yes, most certainly for anyone who enjoys an urban university setting and also anyone that is interested in humanities as I feel that Sheffield excels at those academic fields.