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Our response to the triggering of Article 50

The Department of History at the University of Sheffield is a community engaged in finding out about the past, and in sharing the knowledge that we create. From undergraduates to professors, our historians come from a range of backgrounds, and from a variety of countries; and both as individual researchers and as a department as a whole, we enjoy and treasure international partnerships in Europe and around the globe.

In the wake of the triggering of Article 50 that marks the start of the UK's departure from the European Union, we think it important to emphasise that the study of history is not defined by national boundaries or identities. We regret the anxiety and dismay that Brexit has provoked amongst our staff, students and their families, and like the university and the UK academic professions more generally, we remain fully committed to an international, diverse and inclusive vision of research, teaching and learning.

We trust the government's renewed commitment to internationalism will help us to enhance our current partnerships and to build new ones.

Phil Withington, Head of Department

The University's response Advice about the EU Referendum