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What have you done since completing your MA?

Following my degree, I worked as a market researcher for an international innovation consultancy firm, in which I utilised both the qualitative and qualitative research skills I developed as an MA student.

I currently work in an international school in Russia, as an general English teacher and examiner in which I prepare students who are sitting English proficiency exams to enter university in English speaking countries. 

How have you used the skills you learnt through study in your current role?

My current role requires me to use the communicative skills and analytical skills I developed during my MA course. I also feel that my MA puts me at an advantage compared to non-MA qualified examiners, as it allows me to introduce academic language to students with comparative ease. I also use both my analytical and foreign language skills (I began learning Russian during the course) when analysing CVs and liaising with colleagues about the recruitment of new Russian speaking teachers.

What was your experience on the MA?

I thought the MA was a fantastic experience. I met lots of interesting people, had many interesting discussions about a multitude of different themes, and with the exception of my 6 months of living here, learnt more than at any other time in my life.