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LiamWhat have you done since completing your MA?

I studied for an MA in Early Modern History in 2009/10 at Sheffield. I’ve had two jobs since then; for a few months I worked as a Knowledge Executive at KPMG (mainly an internal communications role based around digital platforms) and have twice been a Web Content Officer in the Marketing & Communications team at City University London (my current role).

Neither role may immediately seem related to Renaissance history and they’re not, but the discipline of History, and especially my time on the MA course (I also studied for a BA in History at Sheffield), prepared me well for a career in marketing.

How have you used the skills you learnt through study in your current role?

My job involves research and copywriting on a daily basis. I often have to write pages or even just a few lines of marketing copy, which has to be well-researched, persuasive and in the company’s house style; something I practised many times writing essays during my studies. I also regularly have to compile reports and present their findings to colleagues, and modules like the Research Presentation were excellent preparation for this type of work.

There are things you don’t even consider at the time that help, too. Seminars are just like team meetings – I learned how to have structured group discussions, juggling listening, taking notes and presenting my own points without missing anything (I hope).

We also created a small website as part of the Early Modern History course. I think I made two pages. And I set up an online magazine (New Histories, which is still running) during my MA year, hosted on the Sheffield website and fully supported by the department. I now oversee somewhere in the region of 8,000 webpages one way or another!

What are you doing today?

I'm now studying again, taking a Professional Diploma in Marketing Communications in the evenings. Hopefully I’ll achieve Chartered Marketer status in the next couple of years. There’s a lot of independent study and essay writing involved, all of which I’m perfectly used to by now.