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Michael RaymondWhat do you like about Sheffield?

The University is situated in an amazing part of town, surrounded by leafy grand victorian suburbs, with beautiful parks, eccentric high streets and great views. Living by the Peak District was also a big bonus for me, as within 20 minutes I can be out on a moor surrounded cliff in the wilderness (though hopefully not too far from an ice cream van).

What have you particularly enjoyed about your degree programme?

I got the opportunity to learn Arabic which was amazing to have such a unique skill. The dissertation has also been great as I've been able to study exactly what I wanted (the origins of the Arab/Israeli conflict). The compulsory module for the MA in modern history, 'Modernity and Power: the State and Individuals in the Modern World', was also really thought provoking and gave me a much better understanding and grasp of big subjects and trends of the modern world.

How have extra-curricular activities added to your time here?

I've been campaigns officer for Student Action for Refugees (STAR) through which I've been able to put on music nights in Sheffield and raise money for refugee charities which I found really rewarding and fun. I also made good use of the Student Union's photographic society who have taught me how to develop film and print my own pictures.

What are your plans for after you finish?

I'd like to get a job working with refugees and asylum seekers or in the music industry.