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Departmental Research Culture

The department is an active centre for cutting-edge research in a wide variety of fields which means that, whether you are an MA student or a research student, there are lots of activities and events that you can get involved with.

If you are thinking of organising an event, do check the department calendar to make sure it does not clash with other things that are going on. You can add this to your university Google calendar by searching for You will also find information about all Departmental Seminars and Events here.

Research strengths 

Our research interests extend chronologically from ancient history to contemporary history; geographically from the UK to Western, Southern, Central and Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, South and East Asia, the Middle East and the USA; and thematically to include political, economic, social, cultural and intellectual history, with a distinct specialism in the application of digital technologies to historical research.

We have a variety of thematic research hubs that combine several staff and student research interests cutting across the usual chronological and geographical boundaries.

Our Research Centres see us take that further by working across faculty and University boundaries with staff from all over the world.

More about our research


Examples of our research specialisations include:

  • Body and Mind
  • Migration and Identity
  • Political Engagement
  • Slavery
  • Transmission of Ideas

Examples of our research centres include:

  • Medieval and Ancient Research Centre 
  • Sheffield Centre for Early Modern Studies
  • Medical Humanities Sheffield
  • White Rose South Asia Network
  • Centre for Contemporary and Modern History

Departmental Research Seminars

The department has its own research seminar series, which runs regularly during semester-time and covers a huge range of topics. Seminars usually host an external guest speaker who will present a paper on their current research but can also be based around a round table discussion.

The seminars themselves are open to students at all levels, including MA and PhD, and provide an excellent opportunity to get involved in the department’s research activities and find out more about research that’s being undertaken both in your area of interest and across the discipline more broadly.

Upcoming events

Interdisciplinary Research Seminars

Many of our research centres also run their own research seminar series:

Conferences and other research events

Uppsala-Sheffield Early Modern Studies WorkshopIn addition to our usual research seminars, many of the research centres, networks and postgraduate discussion groups organise seminars, day conferences or special lectures during the year, often working in conjunction with staff and students across the faculty and wider-University.

Recent events include:

  • Gender and Antisemitism Workshop
  • Leila Slimani Masterclass
  • Suffrage 100 at Off the Shelf
  • The Munich Crisis and the People Conference
  • Gendered Emotions in History Conference
  • Disability Histories: Local, Global and Colonial Stories Conference
  • Emotions in Irish History Symposium
  • A disillusioned Democracy? Popular Attitudes to Politics in Britain since 1918

Find out more about the research seminars and other events happening this year on our events page.