Dr Nina Maaranen

School of History, Philosophy and Digital Humanities

Teaching Technician and Demonstrator in Human Osteology

Nina Maaranen
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Dr Nina Maaranen
School of History, Philosophy and Digital Humanities
Ella Armitage Building
40 Leavygreave Road
S3 7RD

I am an archaeologist specialised in human osteology. My research focuses on the eastern Mediterranean, particularly the Levantine region during the Bronze Age. I have collaborated with projects such as the “Workmen's Huts in the Theban Mountains”, “The Gurob Harem Palace Project” "Sidon Excavation" and “The Enigma of the Hyksos”. I've utilised bioanthropological methods together with statistical techniques to study skeletal assemblages from Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Egypt. I've also worked on burnt Bronze Age osteological material as well as historical and modern skeletal collections from Finland. 


2020 PhD, Bournemouth University
2016 Master of Arts, Archaeology, University of Helsinki
2015 Master of Science, Human Osteology and Palaeopathology, University of Bradford
2013 Bachelor of Arts, Archaeology, University of Helsinki

Research interests
  • Bioarchaeology
  • Biodistance analysis
  • Funerary archaeology
  • Statistical approaches
  • Social identities and dynamics
  • Network formation
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