HR Governance


The work of Human Resources is governed by the Human Resources Committee (HRC). The department also fosters cordial relations with four recognised trade unions, which it engages through the JUCC (Joint Unions Campus Committee). Other University committees also influence the work of the department.

Human Resources Committee

HRC is a committee which:

  • Approves University HR strategy.
  • Makes recommendations to the University Council for new or revised employment policies to support the agreed HR strategy.
  • Approves procedures in respect of the above employment policies.
  • Receives and considers reports from the Director of Human Resources, the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee, the Health and Safety Committee and other relevant bodies as appropriate.

HRC is chaired by a Pro-Chancellor and also includes the Chair of the Council, the President & Vice-Chancellor, the Provost & Deputy Vice-Chancellor, the Chair of the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee, the Chief Operating Officer, Director of HR & Communications and Associate Director of HR, four lay representatives of the Council, a senior representative of each faculty, and two senior representatives from Professional Services. The current members are:

Mr Richard Mayson (Pro-Chancellor) – Chair
Mr Tony Pedder (Chair of the Council)
Professor Sir Keith Burnett (President & Vice-Chancellor)
Professor Gill Valentine (Provost & Deputy-Vice-Chancellor and member of Council)

Professor Gill Valentine (Chair of the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee and member of Council)
Mr Andrew Dodman (Chief Operating Officer)
Ms Tracy Wray (Director of HR & Communications)
Ms Gill Tait (Associate Director of Human Resources)

Ms Mandy Coalter
Ms Judith Hardy
Mr Stephen Sly

Professor Philip Withington (Arts & Humanities)
Professor Harm Askes (Engineering)
Professor Patricia Cowell (Medicine, Dentistry & Health)
Professor Glenn Waller (Science)
Professor Craig Watkins (Social Sciences)

Mr Keith Lilley (Estates and Facilities Management)
Ms Caryn Masters (Accommodation & Campus Services)

JUCC (Joint University Campus Committee)

The University recognises four trade unions, who are represented on the JUCC: