UCU and Unite ballot results declared

Following sector-wide ballots of members in relation to the 2012–13 national pay negotiations, UCU and Unite have informed the University of their respective outcomes.

UCU has confirmed that it has failed to receive a mandate to call upon its members to take strike action. Across the country 55.7% of votes were against taking strike action. However the trade union has secured a mandate for action short of a strike with 70.1% of voting members supporting action short of a strike.

Unite secured a total of 2,637 votes nationally, 60.3% of which (1,668) voted in favour of strike action.

Both UCU and Unite have aggregated the ballot results, combining all votes nationally into one overall result, rather than providing an institution by institution breakdown of votes cast within each University.

These results follow the notification from UNISON that they had received a narrow vote in favour of strike action (50.3% of the 6,187 members who voted nationally).

Results of the ballot from GMB are expected after it closes on 15 October.

To date no notice has been received by the University of any intended action by any of the trade unions, although it is likely that such notice will be received before the end of October.

More information can be found on our 2012–13 pay negotiation web pages.