02 November 2010

myTeam Fixed-Term Contract Monitoring Report

Fixed-Term Contract Monitoring Report

The Fixed-Term Contract Monitoring (FTCM) Report has replaced the University’s previous paper based process (Form A), with effect from Monday 1 November. The purpose of this process is to supply the Department of Human Resources with information regarding fixed-term contracts of employment that are approaching their end date. The information provided is used to ensure staff members receive the correct notice period and information should their contract be ending. It also acts as a prompt for departments to complete a contract change request if contracts are to be extended.

The new online report provides a more efficient method of collecting and processing the monthly fixed term contract monitoring information but the monitoring process and the information departments are asked to provide remain unchanged. The report will be accessed within myTeam and will be completed by key staff as defined by each department, who will be referred to as Departmental Owners for this process.

The benefits of the new online solution include:
• Improving the efficiency of the process by eliminating the need to rekey information and it will no longer be necessary to print, photocopy and post copies of the report.
• Providing immediate access to the information and removing delays caused by posting the report
• Increasing the transparency of the process
• Helping to minimise the environmental impact of the University’s staff processes.

Further information, guidance and support is available at www.shef.ac.uk/hr/bussol/support/contractprocesses/overview.html