HR Society Award: University 'highly commended' for Workforce Strategy and Planning

We are delighted that the University has been awarded 'highly commended' in the HR Society Workforce Strategy and Planning Awards. A collaboration between the University of Sheffield and the Institute of Science and Technology will address the skills shortfall of technical staff over the next ten years through a number of interlinked schemes related to technical training, mentoring and skills mapping to build a talent pipeline for the future. The judges noted that they "found the project very sophisticated with a number of dimensions to it."

At the University of Sheffield one-third of our technical staff will be at or beyond normal retirement age by 2022, which represents a significant loss of intellectual capital. It is also recognised that technical staff have a breadth and depth of skills in diverse areas and that there is a need to capture this information in a systematic way. The sustained provision of a highly skilled technical workforce also has a major influence on, and the ability to enhance, the student experience in both learning and teaching, and in terms of exposure to the research environment. This project directly feeds in to the University’s strategic plan to deliver an excellent service to students and our ambition to attract the best students from the UK and overseas, and to deliver world-class research.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Keith Burnett, recently remarked: “The future vitality of higher education in the UK will depend on the creative abilities of our technical staff. They are the people at the cutting edge of the research and teaching that drive so much of the innovation we need. They are often the unsung heroes of the advances in Science, Engineering and Medicine. There are few things more important to us than ensuring this talent is properly nurtured and sustained by our Universities and Colleges.”

The Technical Development Programme is therefore true succession planning, strongly aligned to business and operational needs.

HR SocietyThe HR Society is a network whose members are drawn from the senior ranks of the HR profession, academia and others involved in value added HR strategy across the private, public and not for profit sectors.

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