Research Excellence Framework 2014REF 2014 Equalities and Diversity Training

In line with the University's REF2014 Code of Practice, the University expects all Units of Assessment (UOAs) to be open, transparent and clear in their processes for staff selection. It is a requirement of HEFCE that all individuals responsible for making staff recommendations be provided with tailored training on equality and diversity.

Human Resources have made available an online REF equalities and diversity training tool for this purpose. All staff that will be involved in staff selection must undertake this training prior to any selection recommendations being made. The training takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, and can be accessed via the Learning Management System. A log will be kept of who has successfully completed the training. Following the training, staff involved in making selections are welcome to discuss any specific concerns or issues with their Faculty HR Manager.

All staff are welcome to complete the training, which has also been shared with the trade unions and the Equality Advisory Panel. For further information about the REF, please see the University's REF2014 webpages.