22 November 2011

Sheffield Leader – November Update

This month has seen the launch of Sheffield Leader 3 and module 1 of Sheffield Leader 4.

On Tuesday 15th November the very first 'Sheffield Leader 3' development programme was launched for 16 participants representing all Faculties and Professional Services. Participants on this programme hold formal leadership roles which have significant impact across the University, and liaise with relevant professionals external to the University.

The launch was enthusiastically received, and Professor Mike Braddick kindly took the time to talk about UEB’s ongoing support for the 'Sheffield Leader' activity, and its importance to the University. This cohort are now looking forward to starting module 1 from 13th to the 14th December.

From the 8th to the 10th of November Sheffield Leader 4’s third cohort undertook their first module of three at Whitley Hall Hotel. On the first day the cohort were joined by the Vice-Chancellor who led a discussion around the University’s challenges. Topics included what challenges Professor Burnett foresees for University of Sheffield leaders and what '2022 Futures' means for them.

The participants have now gone on to form Strategic Improvement Groups to define ideas which they can influence tangibly across the University. Examples include internationalisation and creating networks. One member of this cohort has offered to blog their journey throughout the Sheffield Leader 4 programme –keep checking the Sheffield Leader web pages for progress on this: http://www.sheffield.ac.uk/hr/sld/lmd/sheffieldleader.