Professional Indemnity Insurance

For Non-Clinical Members of Staff Including the Position of Retired Members of Staff

During employment by the University, staff are protected as members of the University by the University's professional indemnity insurance in respect of professional negligence towards a third party (eg for wrongful advice given whilst acting as a member of the University in the capacity of consultant or professional adviser). In this type of insurance, liability is established at the time of the claim and can arise many years after the relevant event. Any claim arising from work carried out whilst an employee will continue to be covered by the University's insurance policy even if in the interim the employee has retired or left the University.

Private consultancy work including that carried out after retirement, however, will not be covered and staff are strongly advised to take out a personal professional indemnity policy. It should be noted that liability can be incurred whether or not a fee is charged for services rendered. Please see the Consultancy/External Activity Guidelines available from the "see also" box.

The University's insurers are prepared to consider sympathetically applications from ex-members of staff wishing to protect themselves in this way. Enquiries should be made to the Department of Finance.

Professional Indemnity Insurance For Clinical Members Of Staff

The National Health Service assumed financial responsibility from 1 January 1990 for negligent acts of their medical and dental staff in the course of their NHS employment. However, various aspects of the work of some staff will not be covered by the Crown Indemnity Scheme and University clinical academic staff are therefore required as part of their terms and conditions of service to take out Professional Defence Organisation cover.