Checking and Changing Personal Details

myJob is the University's self-service facility for staff and is accessed through MUSE. In addition to providing access to your payslip and internal vacancies, myJob allows you to view details of your appointment and update your personal data. A full guide to myJob can be found here.

How can I find out what grade and point I am on?

Your grade and point will be shown in myJob within 'My Staff Record' in the 'Appointment Summary' section.

How can I change my address or bank details?

You can update these details in myJob within 'Personal Profile'.

How can I change my name and my email address?

You can change the name by which you are known via 'Personal Profile' in the 'Personal Data' section. If you need your surname changing, please send a copy of your marriage certificate/deed poll to Human Resources. You can then contact the Computing Centre (IT Services) to arrange for a new email address to be created. You will also need to contact your local tax office with your new details.

How can I change my name on the internal telephone directory?

Certain personal details can be changed by your Departmental Telephone Liaison Officer, however should you require your name to be changed please contact your HR Team Contact who can amend this on uBASE which will then change the Internal Telephone Directory automatically.