Right to Request Time Off for Training

Eligible UK employees have a right by law to request time off for training that will help them to be more productive and effective at work, and help their employer to improve productivity and business performance. This means that as an employer the University is obliged to consider eligible requests made under this right, and communicate the decision within a specified timeframe.

Scope: All eligible employees (see procedure)

How the University supports this:

At the University of Sheffield, we already have robust mechanisms in place to deal with requests for training and development opportunities. We recognise that the identification of development needs may arise at any stage, but the annual planning cycle and the annual SRDS are key times as they provide opportunities to thoroughly review the needs of the department and the more specific needs of the individual. Staff should always discuss any development needs with their manager in the first instance.

Where employees wish to pursue their right to request training following the statutory process, they should refer to the procedure below for further details.

Key Principles:

  1. Employees wishing to make a formal time for training request are responsible for ensuring that their request meets eligibility criteria, includes the information required under the right and contains sufficient information to ensure that the University can make an appropriate decision.
  2. The University shall meet its statutory obligations to consider appropriate requests within the appropriate timeframes, and communicate decisions, offering a right to appeal where relevant, should an eligible employee wish to make a formal time for training request.

What to do next:

  • The procedure should be followed for employees wishing to make a formal request under the right.
  • If you are a manager requiring further support or advice please speak to the Department of Human Resources.

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