Framework Overview




The framework is made up of ten criteria, which together articulate the range of activity undertaken by academic staff. The criteria cover research, teaching, leadership and professional standing and wider engagement, widely recognised as the components of an academic role.

The ten criteria are split into two groups, core and additional. Core criteria are those which all academic staff are expected to fulfill as part of their role. Additional criteria set out the other areas of responsibility for academic staff. Academic colleagues will not be expected to fulfill all ten criteria simultaneously and so the framework allows flexibility for an academic colleague to focus their efforts upon a smaller number of these additional criteria.

Employees on Teaching and Research, Teaching Specialist or Research Specialist contracts will evidence achievement against at least six of the ten criteria as part of the annual SRDS process. For those on Teaching and Research contracts, two additional criteria should be selected in addition to the four core criteria. For those on Teaching or Research Specialist contracts, there will be three core criteria with a further three additional criteria to be chosen. Teaching Specialists are not normally expected to undertake research and Research Specialists are not normally expected to undertake teaching.

See the criteria selection webpage for information about the framework for different contract types.