Academic career pathways


"Being an academic in the 21st century comes with enormous responsibilities; teaching, research, societal impact, good citizenship and leadership are all more demanding and complex than they were in the last century. In my view, it is therefore more important than ever that we have clarity in our expectations of academic staff, that we recognise the contributions they make to teaching, research and leadership will vary at different stages of their career, that we can be transparent in our expectations in what is an increasingly competitive global environment, and that we support talented and capable people to achieve their career ambitions.

The Academic Career Pathway project will gather the views of experienced leaders in the University to help us refresh and clarify our career framework, establish transparent expectations, consider what constitutes appropriate evidence of achievement and which considers whether our academic titles are meaningful within a global higher education landscape."

We aim to create a set of role profiles that clearly articulate expectations at each career stage recognising achievements across the whole range of academic activity in an easy to understand and transparent format. Alongside this project we will be reviewing our use of academic titles to ensure that they truly reflect what we do.

We will be gathering information to develop these role profiles over the coming weeks and we will provide updates on the progress of the project through these webpages.

Join this discussion and share your thoughts on academic career pathways.

Professor Shearer West would like to invite you to join a focus group to share your thoughts on academic career pathways within the University.  Each focus groups will gather information about your understanding of the existing promotions process, specifically what differentiates activity between career stages and what excellence looks like.  It will also gather your opinions about the future use of academic titles, particularly the importance of titles as an aid to international comparability and parity of esteem.

The sessions below are open to academics and staff whose roles support academic activity.

Friday 26 May 2017 (11.00am - 12.00noon)

Alfred Denny Conference Room

Introduced by Professor Shearer West.

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Wednesday 7 June (9.00am - 10.00am)

ICOSS Conference Room

Introduced by Professor Shearer West.

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Friday 9 June 2017 (2.00pm - 3.00pm)

Council Room, Firth Court

Introduced by Professor Wyn Morgan.

Up to 40 places available. 

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Monday 12 June 2017 (10.30am - 11.30am)

Diamond Workroom 2

Introduced by Professor Dave Petley.

Up to 40 places available. 

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If you are unable to attend one the above sessions, you can still provide your input by email