The Equality Act 2010: key issues

 Public Sector Equality Duty

 Equality Act Second Phase

  • The second phase of the Equality Act comes into force on the 5th April 2011. On this date, the Public Sector General Equality Duty will come into force, replacing the current public sector duties.

For HoDs

  • An outline of the key changes of the Equality Act and implications for HoDs.

Protected Characteristics
  • The Equality Act covers the same groups that were protected by existing equality legislation. These are now called ‘protected characteristics’. The Act extends some protection to characteristics that were not previously covered, and strengthens particular aspects of equality law.
Types of Discrimination
  • Detail of the different types of discrimination covered by the Equality Act.
Changes to Legislation
  • While the Act consolidates existing anti-discrimination legislation into one Act, the different strands of law remain as now. These are known as ‘protected characteristics’ and retain many of their different characteristics.
Background to the Act
  • The Equality Bill received royal assent in April 2010 to become the Equality Act 2010, bringing together and extending existing equality legislation. As different sections of the Act are gradually brought into force, the Act will replace all existing equality legislation.
Phases of the Act
  • Act will come into force in the 3 phases.
External Guidance
  • Links to external guidance documents.
Council Statement
  • University Council Statement on Equality of Opportunity and Diversity.
EO Code of Practice
  • Equal Opportunities Policy and Code of Practice for Staff.