Apply for an award

Apply for a department level award.

Applications for Equality Challenge Unit’s (ECU) Athena SWAN awards are accepted in April and November each year.

Applicants must inform ECU of their intention to submit an application two months in advance of each deadline. In your email to ECU, please state at which level the application will be made (Bronze, Silver or Gold) and whether this is a renewal, upgrade or new application. Please also state a contact name and email address that ECU can use for any communications regarding the application.

Submitting an application

Applications for awards need to be submitted using the relevant ECU Athena SWAN application forms. Further information about how to submit your application for the upcoming round can be found at

Submissions should include:

  • the submission document
  • the action plan
  • for a renewal or upgrade submission, the previous updated action plan.

These should be submitted as one consolidated PDF file. The file name should include the name of the department and level of award being applied for.

Information on Student and Staff Data to support the submission can be found here: