Athena SWAN Data Information Packs

Data information

All Athena SWAN data is collated and produced by the Strategy Planning and Governance department and will be released to Athena SWAN Champions and departments 3 times a year.

  • First Release – End of September
  • 2nd Release – January
  • 3rd Release – Once HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency) Data available

Further feedback from departments is gratefully welcomed to improve the data for this and future submissions.

The following information is contained in the packs:

Student data:

  • Applications, Offers and Accepts
  • Students registered to the department across all years
  • Students who have completed their degree and what grade they received
  • Students who have progressed form undergraduate study to post graduate study
  • Information on students registered at competitor institutions

Staff data:

  • A break down of staff numbers
  • Staff Leavers
  • Numbers of promotions
  • Maternity leave stats (how many take it, how many come back, how long do they stay?)

What is not included:

  • Membership of Departmental Committees
  • Flexible Working arrangements

This data is not held centrally and will need to be collected by departments. Particularly in the case of flexible working arrangements; as, unless these constituted a change from full to part time (or vice versa), only managers will be aware of them.

For information on student and staff data to support your submission please contact Hugh Mather (Strategy Planning and Governance) Email: Tel: 21217

Training Records (How many people have completed training relevant to staff development or equality and diversity)

5 Year data that includes:

  • The % of female academic staff who participated in mentoring programmes
  • The % of staff by gender who participated in other Athena SWAN relevant training

Note: Within this data set "year" always refers to the academic year, so 2015 is 2015/16 etc.

  • All HR data should be treated as confidential and should only be used for the purposes of completing the Athena SWAN submission. Any further use of this data should be discussed with HR in the first instance.

Further support for your Submission

Staff Survey Results by Gender:

It is possible to provide information on the latest staff survey results by Gender (by department). If you require this information please contact:

External Benchmarking

ECU’s most recent statistical report, as well as the downloadable data tables, can be found here:

ECU's Athena SWAN benchmarking data can be found below. Note that to download, you will be prompted to login or register, anyone with an @sheffield email address can register:

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