Did you know? Athena SWAN FAQs

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  1. What forms should I be submitting – pre May or post May?

    Existing HEI members of the charter (who joined pre-2015) who currently hold an award and STEMM departments which currently hold an award have the choice to apply for an upgrade or renewal using either the new or the original forms.

    From April 2017 submission round: All applicants must use the new forms.

  2. Do you need to submit your previous action plan?

    The department do need to submit the new action plan as well as their previous action plan, updated with comments in the form of a progress log. In the November round, Sheffield’s department of Animal & Plant Sciences applied for Gold and the formatting they used was fine for our purposes.

  3. What does the ‘blank spaces’ mean in the data pack?

    In general if a field is left 'blank', this is a field that has not been filled in as part of a process and therefore we do not have this information to report on.

  4. When do we need to notify you of our intention to submit?

    We require that departments and institutions intending to submit inform us of this two months in advance of the deadline. We will remind institutions to do this via the JISCmail list.

    This helps us to plan the judging panels and awards ceremony. If we have not been informed of an institution or department’s intention to submit by this deadline, the application may not be accepted. A short email note detailing the level at which the application will be made is sufficient.

  5. When is the deadline for submitting applications?

    The deadline for all submissions is 5.00pm on the last working day of April or November, by which time we need to have received application by email in PDF format.

  6. Can we request an extension to the deadline?

    An extension of up to one week may be granted in exceptional circumstances. The decision to grant an extension is at ECU’s discretion. If the request for an extension is refused, ECU will provide reasons.

  7. Are there any guidelines/information regarding SRDS training?

    The Guidance for Reviewers says: 

    "If you wish to refresh your skills, or, if this is the first year you have carried out a SRDS as a reviewer, you are required to undertake the appropriate SRDS training prior to holding any review meetings... There may also be local sessions delivered in your department or Faculty, but you will be informed of these by your SRDS coordinator."

    So it is expected that new reviewers should be trained, but there is nothing on refresher interval. We encourage reviewers to keep their skills under review by referring people to the Development Everywhere website.