Faculty Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committees

Each of the 5 Academic Faculties have their own ED&I Committee. Committee Chairs sit on the University's ED&IC, and act as a conduit between University ED&I priorities and faculty ED&I activities.

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Arts & Humanities - Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities recognises that a diverse student and staff community is fundamental to improving our overall effectiveness. We want to create a work place where everyone feels safe and recognised. The Equality and Diversity committee aims to ensure that everybody is treated fairly and according to their individual needs. We are here to translate good intentions into real changes and practices.

HR Contact: Gayle McKeachie (HR Manager) g.mckeachie@sheffield.ac.uk  

Chair: Dr Rachel van Duyvenbode r.van-duyvenbode@sheffield.ac.uk

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Engineering - Women in Engineering

Women are under-represented in the field of engineering, with only 6% of the engineering workforce in the UK being female. The Women in Engineering initiative involves staff across Engineering at Sheffield, working together with the aim of becoming the number one choice for women to come to work and study engineering here at the University of Sheffield. The initiative is led by Faculty Director for Women in Engineering Dr Gwendolen Reilly and Deputy Director for Women in Engineering Sue Armstrong.

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HR Contact: Martin Spencer (HR Adviser) m.spencer@sheffield.ac.uk

Chair: Dr Gwen Reilly g.reilly@sheffield.ac.uk

Medicine, Dentistry & Health - Excellence Through Inclusion Committee

The Faculty launched its official Equality and Diversity statement in 2016. The Equality and Diversity Statement sets out expectations of behaviour and confirms the Faculty’s commitment to inclusion in all areas of activity.

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HR Contact: Karen Smith (HR Adviser) k.smith@sheffield.ac.uk

Chair: Louise Preston l.r.preston@sheffield.ac.uk

Science - Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Faculty of Science (FoS) is committed to a programme of Excellence Through Inclusion and welcomes staff and students from a diverse range of backgrounds. Our goal is to have a motivated and diverse Faculty, where staff and students demand the highest standards from each other and work together to maximise the benefits of difference. Our successes are rooted in the value we place on the roles played by all staff that make our Faculty an excellent place to work and study.

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HR Contact: Nicky Hall (HR Adviser) n.l.hall@sheffield.ac.uk

Chair: Dr Katherine Linehan k.linehan@sheffield.ac.uk

Social Sciences - Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) is committed to raising the profile of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) issues by supporting a Faculty culture that celebrates diversity, challenges prejudice, implicit bias and institutional inequalities. We have adopted an informed and action-based approach to key inequalities, and we are working to raise awareness of EDI issues throughout all departments within the faculty.

HR Contact: Louise Mackay (HR Adviser) l.mackay@sheffield.ac.uk

Co-Chairs: Dr Tony Williams (anthony.williams@sheffield.ac.uk) and Dr. Briony Birdi (b.birdi@sheffield.ac.uk)