Gender Pay Gap

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The University prides itself on its diverse and inclusive community and is mindful of the importance of diversity to our success. We have monitored our gender pay gap since 2003 and have been successfully taking actions to reduce it, working closely with Human Resources, Trade Unions, the University’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and staff networks.

Our focus to date has included the Athena SWAN charter which recognises excellence in gender equality within academia; mentoring schemes designed to address the sector-wide under-representation of female academics in professorial posts; programmes to support women who are returning to work after time off for maternity leave; and Women@TUOS - a network for women across the University.

We are committed to continuing this work further, taking a strategic approach to actively diversifying our workforce.

Gender Pay Gap Report (GPG), March 2017

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GPG shows the difference between the average earnings of men or women expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings. Using our old methodology, our GPG reduced from 32.2% in 2003 to 15.2% in 2017.

GPG is different from Equal Pay, which shows any pay differences between men and women who carry out the same jobs, similar jobs or work of equal value (e.g. the same grade).

We report separately on our equal pay figures every three years, and the next equal pay report will be produced in 2018. Our previous Equal Pay audits show we do not have an equal pay issue.

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Summary figures - March 2017

GPG Main Infographic

Lower Quartile Infog.

Bonus Gap Infographic

Bonus Pay minus CEAs Infographic

You can download a copy of the GPG report from the 'downloads' bar, or by clicking here.

University Actions to positively impact on our GPG

Sheffield has been working to close the gap and we are committed to continuing action to address our gender pay gap:

Athena SWAN silverWe will maintain our institutional commitment to Athena SWAN by supporting and encouraging all departments who wish to apply for accreditation, and ensuring the University level AS remains a priority (see GPG commitment 4 and 5).

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We are working closely with Heads of Departments and recruiting managers to actively build diverse teams - to re-balance the workforce at every level by designing diversity into our Talent Attraction processes, (see GPG commitment 1 and 6).

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We will identify and address gender differences in Recognition Awards and Pay, by reviewing the Recognition Scheme, and working closely with our Trade Unions and the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee to undertake an Equal Pay Audit in 2018 (see GPG commitment 7 and 9).

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We will Improve awareness of Unconscious Bias and Equality, Diversity & Inclusion issues through introducing mandatory training for staff (see GPG commitment 8). We currently have online Unconscious Bias training open to all staff.

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Staff disclosures for EO data are between 50-90%, depending on protected characteristic. We will run a campaign to improve the quality and quantity of EO data, to enable us to better understand our staff profile, develop targeted actions, and assess the impact of our policies (see GPG commitment 10).

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Our Council has agreed that time for Network Chairs, Chair of the Gender Equality Committee and Athena SWAN leads in departments should be accounted for in the Workload Allocation Model.

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We will continue our mentoring programmes aimed at women academics, and have expanded these to include BME academic staff, regardless of gender or gender identity.

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We value the involvement of our staff networks, members of the GEC, members of ED&IC and Trade Unions in our gender equality work and will continue to work with colleagues on this.

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Our Women Academic Returners' Programme (WARP) was launched in January 2006. Since then 168 female staff have received support through this scheme from across all faculties and we are committed to continuing this support.