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The University is fully committed to the continued support and development of LGBT+ staff and students as demonstrated by the policies and procedures of the University which are inclusive of all, irrespective of sexual orientation.

There are also many avenues of LGB=T information and support in the city of Sheffield, demonstrating the openness and inclusivity of the city as a whole. Below are a selection of information sources which LGBT+ staff and students may find useful.

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Gay Sheffield

Information on coming out, staying safe and support groups throughout Sheffield, including latest news of events in the area and information booklets on a variety of topics.

Sheffield Pride

An annual festival celebrating the LGBT+ community in Sheffield, including a series of run-up events to the big day.

HM Revenue & Customs - Taxes and Benefits

This booklet contains information specifically for LGBT+ customers, focusing your position in a civil partnership. 


Sheffield Fruitbowl provides safe and affirming support for LGBT+ people aged 12-17 in Sheffield.

Trans Unite

Trans Unite allows members of the transgender & non-binary communities to find a support group local to them, and even message them directly from their not for profit site using the "Contact Group" button. Groups are verified and added on an ongoing basis.

Sheffield Sexual Health Services

Information and advice about sexual health and sexual health services in Sheffield. Services available for LGBT+ people are listed, including the Centre for HIV & Sexual Health.

Out Aloud Choir

Out Aloud is Sheffield's Gay Choir. It was formed in 2006 and enables LGBT+ people in Sheffield to enjoy singing as a community.


A Yorkshire wide support group for anyone assigned female at birth who considers themselves to be on the trans spectrum or is questioning their gender, including trans men at all stages of transition, intersex or genderqueer people, and all other female towards male expression of gender variance.

Northern Pride

Northern Pride have an overall mission to reduce homophobia, promote awareness of equality and to unite communities across the region, by staging a series of events to bring LGBT+ people and their friends together in an environment where they can feel at home, feel safe and ultimately be themselves.

LGBT History Month

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Month takes place every year in February. It celebrates the lives and achievements of the LGBT+ community by encouraging everyone to see diversity and cultural pluralism as the positive forces that they are.

LGBT Consortium

This is a national membership organisation focusing on the development and support of LGBT+ groups, projects and organisations; so they can deliver direct services and campaign for individual rights.

Broken Rainbow

Broken Rainbow is the only National LGBT+ Domestic Violence Helpline providing confidential support to all members of the LGBT+ communities, their family and friends, and agencies supporting them.

Sheffield City Council

Contains information on LGBT+ books, resources, initiatives, social groups and support services around Sheffield.