Race Equality

5 aims of the Race Equality Strategy and Action Plan:

  1. Reduce the awarding gap between Black, Asian and Other Minority Ethnic (BAME) and White students to zero.
  2. Widen access to students from BAME backgrounds and support these students to succeed once at the University of Sheffield.
  3. Improve graduate outcomes and progression to postgraduate education for BAME students.
  4. Increase the diversity of the staff body and support the career progression of BAME staff.
  5. Create an inclusive campus culture that facilitates belonging and promotes respect for BAME students and staff, and the wider BAME community.

Wall of BAME

The Wall of BAME showcases some of our current BAME staff, alumni and former colleagues.


  • We have invited Advance HE onto campus to deliver eight full day Intro to Race Equality workshops.
  • Introducing mandatory online ED&I training and are creating race equality specific online training for staff
  • Updated our guidelines on how recruiters can use Positive Action around the University
  • Set up a race equality steering group to oversee the work on the Race Equality Steering Group
  • Beginning work on the Race Equality Charter

Ethnicity profile of the University

You can access data on the profile of the University, both in terms of students and staff, by visiting this page: