Equality & Diversity Strategy

'Excellence Through Inclusion' and Talent First 

Please note that Excellence Through Inclusion is currently being reviewed. Any updates will appear on this page.

Our Excellence Through Inclusion Strategy (ETI) outlines how we will work with and listen to people across the University, to help build a culture of inclusion.

"At the University we recognise the potential for higher education to transform people's lives and welcome a range of students and staff to the University community. We embrace the challenge to make a positive difference to the culture of the University and beyond, where opportunities to excel are available to all, and will therefore continue to strive to create a University that is inclusive at all levels and in every system and process. Our vision for diversity remains as clear and consistent as always: to become a motivated and diverse University community, where staff and students demand the highest standards from each other and work together to maximise the benefits of difference."
Professor Gill Valentine, Chair of the Equality & Diversity Board

Our ETI Strategy enables us to continue to take a long term strategic approach to diversity and inclusion, whilst retaining the ability to deliver focussed actions to improve the experience and perceptions of specific diverse groups.

We will work with and listen to people from across the University and beyond, to hear and help them tell the positive stories about what we have achieved already through inclusion and what we should be doing in the future.

Ways to get involved:

Contact Julie Campbell on j.l.campbell@sheffield.ac.uk to:

  • Join or work with us to set up a staff network
  • Talk to us about Excellence Through Inclusion and what it means to you
  • Tell us about what you are doing, or what is happening, in your area to encourage inclusion for staff, students or the wider community, so we can publicise positive stories
  • Send ideas for future events or actions
  • For details of our Excellence Through Inclusion week held in 2009 see our Events page.

Talent First

TFTalent First is the University's People Strategy which supports the University of Sheffield to be one of the best Universities in the world; renowned for the excellence, impact and distinctiveness both of its research and its research-led teaching and learning.

Equality & Diversity is a key aspect and overarching theme of Talent First which interacts with Excellence Through Inclusion in our commitment to embed inclusivity throughout systems and processes, and create a fully inclusive University community.

The vision of Equality & Diversity within Talent First is:

"A University community that actively attracts and engages diverse, talented individuals from many different backgrounds, heritages and lifestyles, and promotes inclusion of staff at all levels. This talent will be nurtured and developed in a positive and supportive environment in which diversity and inclusivity is valued by all and is part of our everyday business."