Dealing with Difficult Situations

Delivered by Lucy Owens - Prerequisites None - Target audience - All female staff.


This one-day learning event is aimed at all staff across the University and will provide you with insights and specific tools for coming across more effectively, consistently and resiliently when dealing with difficult people or situations.


To give people the chance to build their skills and confidence in handling challenging situations more effectively. Through strategies for coping with criticism, defusing conflict, saying ‘No’ and standing your ground, you will build your confidence and professionalism at work.

The morning involves exploring what lies at the heart of individuals’ most challenging, negative or unexpected interactions and learning useful tools to plan for and deal with them. In the afternoon, participants work on their own real situations, in small groups, with an experienced role-playing actor. This provides you with valuable, constructive feedback about your impact and gives you tips and tools for dealing with challenges more assertively.

It is aimed at all female staff across the University who want to enhance their assertiveness and communication skills, develop their emotional intelligence and strengthen their resilience and confidence at work.


In this learning event, participants will learn how to:

  • Identify the key features of difficult situations
  • Develop awareness about what helps and hinders tackling challenging conversations
  • Understand and use different tools in assertive communication and conflict management
  • Gain constructive feedback on individual handling of difficult situations
  • Observe and learn from others’ approaches to demanding situations
  • Identify how and when to put enhanced communication, assertive and conflict-handling skills into action at work

To enrol on this learning event, please visit the Learning Management System. For further information please email