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"LGBT+ inclusion is everyone's responsibility. Our University is committed to bring about culture change and develop a truly inclusive environment where LGBT+ colleagues and students feel they belong, are supported to be themselves and can flourish to reach their full potential".      Professor Gill Valentine, Provost & Deputy Vice-Chancellor

As part of our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and compliance with the Equality Act (2010), we work to ensure that all staff and students including trans and gender-diverse people, (and people perceived to be transgender) are treated with dignity and respect and will not tolerate any discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation during recruitment, their employment or time studying here. We have reviewed our policy language to make all our policies fully LGBT+ inclusive and continue to review and monitor this on an ongoing basis.

Awareness Days and Visibility

Transgender Day of Remembrance

20 November 2020 is Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) - an annual observance when we remember and honour trans and gender-diverse people, who have lost their lives due to transphobic violence.  A candlelit vigil is normally held in the centre of Sheffield but this year it will be online. Organised by SAYIT, places can be booked via their Eventbrite Invitation

Trans Day of Visibility

31 March 2020 is Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV) - a day dedicated to celebrating trans people and raising awareness of discrimination faced by trans people worldwide. Celebrating international LGBT+ awareness days is just one way that the University supports workplace equality and inclusion for our staff and students.

Being a Role Model - we are looking to further develop our LGBT+ role models webpage and would welcome expressions of interest from members of trans staff in particular. If you would like to be included please contact Our LGBT+ role models tend to be either work colleagues or local community members. Having visible LGBT+ role models can help others to develop a stronger sense of self and show that there should be no limits on who our LGBT+ staff and students can be and what they can achieve. Visibility can break down barriers and challenge misconceptions.

Stonewall To Trans Inclusive Employer 2020

Top Trans-Inclusive Employer

Earlier this year we were recognised for the second year as a Stonewall Top Trans-Inclusive Employer for our commitment to trans inclusion. We know we still have work to do and are continuing to make this a key focus area over the coming year. Continuous reviews of our policies and systems to update our language is one way in which we work towards LGBT+ inclusion. We have worked with colleagues to review and update our Transgender Guiding Principles and will continue to engage with stakeholders and progress this work moving forward.

We review our Transgender Guiding Principles on a regular basis.  We welcome any comment and feedback that can help us to make improvements.  This can be emailed confidentially to

Additionally over the past 2 years, we have worked closely with Gendered Intelligence to run face-to-face trans equality training for over 170 staff to provide guidance on transgender terminology and language, and the legal and work-related issues that our trans colleagues may face. This ongoing work is crucial for incorporating trans inclusion into every day practice.

Our Gender Equality Committee has representation from staff with expertise on transgender issues. This committee aims to raise awareness and offer support to the University in progressing gender equality, acting as a body of expertise in this area. Broadening committee membership to include expertise on transgender issues is key in helping the University to consider trans inclusion as part of this work.

Gender Neutral Toilets are available in The Diamond and Students' Union Building. 


Be a trans ally

Stonewall have developed a Q&A to answer some of the common questions that get asked about trans people, and to tackle some of those myths and misconceptions you might have seen in the media.  This resource is free to download: The truth about trans. You might like to share this with colleagues and throughout your department or networks. You can be a trans ally by helping to improve visibility of trans people. This includes learning about trans experiences and the unique set of challenges faced, calling out transphobia and harmful stereotyping, not assuming sexual orientation based on someone's gender identity and increasing the representation of trans people wherever you can.

Open@TUoS Flag

Open@TUOS - our LGBT+ allies programme

Launched in January 2016, Open@TUOS now has over 2,800 supporters who can visibly and proactively demonstrate their commitment to LGBT+ equality and inclusion and support our LGBT+ colleagues and students.  Some supporters choose to wear a rainbow lanyard. To join and find out more visit our dedicated pages Open@TUOS.

 Last updated: 20.11.2020