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You may not realise it, but we are all biased.

Our brains make judgements and decisions about people and situations really quickly, without us being aware that this is happening. These judgements and decisions are affected by our unconscious (or implicit) biases, which are influenced by things we have experienced, our upbringing and our cultural background.

Sometimes these biases are at odds with the beliefs that we consciously hold. The result of this is that these unconscious biases may negatively influence the decisions that we make, and they may not be as objective as we think.

By increasing our awareness of unconscious bias, we can take action to minimise the influence that our own biases have on decision making and relationships with other people.

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This page contains lots of links to articles covering the theory beyond bias, but also considering the impact of bias on people.

Unconscious bias logoDevelopment and support to minimise bias

There are a number of development activities available to University staff to help increase awareness of bias, as well as providing ways to identify your own biases and take action to minimise the way that these biases influence our decisions.

Unconscious bias logoCase studies

There is already interesting and innovative work going on around the University in this area. This page contains accounts of what is being done, and the impact of this activity.