The following page provides access to a number of different forms relating to a wide variety of HR activity. Please use the links provided to find the relevant form. Alternatively, all of our forms can be found from the A-Z.
Where possible, our forms are provided as both PDF and Word documents.

Recruitment & Pre-Employment Forms

Further information about Jobs, Recruitment & Selection.

Staff Review & Development Forms

  • SRDS Form - [doc]
  • SRDS Form for Researchers - [doc]

Further information about SRDS.

Promotions & Review Forms

Further information about the Promotions process.

Flexible Working (Effective 1 January 2013)

  • Flexible Working Request Form - [doc]

Further information about the Flexible Working.

Leaving Employment Forms

  • Leavers Form - [doc]

Further information about Leaving the University.

Leave of Absence Forms

Further information about the policies relating to leave of absences.

Miscellaneous Forms

Sickness Absence Management Forms:

Working Time Regulations:

  • Individual Agreement to Opt Out - [doc]/[pdf]
  • Managers' Checklist - [pdf]

Other Forms:

  • Reasonable Adjustments Funding Request Form - [doc]/[pdf]
  • Work Experience - Internal Feedback Form -  [doc]/[pdf]
  • Academic Additional Programmed Activities Application Form -[doc]/[pdf]
  • International Assignments - guidance and questionnaire for staff working overseas [doc]

If there are any additional forms which you would like us to provide on these pages, or you have any general comments about this section of the website, please use the Feedback facility.

Please see Policies, Procedures & Related Guidance for information on all these areas.